The Biden Administration Faces A Legitimacy Crisis

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Election 2020

On December 14th, the Electoral College of the United States convened and voted to confirm Joe Biden as president-elect of the United States, achieving a major milestone on the path to the Oval Office.

Around the same time, at least two national polls (CBS and FOX) came out indicating that the substantial majority of Republicans, and somewhere between 35{d07015fd705efad9473b4efea5456402f9c7fe2fb758f61ee5ca261a0142534a} and 40{d07015fd705efad9473b4efea5456402f9c7fe2fb758f61ee5ca261a0142534a} of all voters, believe that the election was stolen and should be contested. This represents over 60 million Americans. Half of Trump voters, and a quarter of all voters, believe that Trump should not concede. These statistics, and the convictions they represent, should be of serious concern to all Americans, whether Republican or Democrat, Trumpist, Never-Trumper, or the Moderate Middle.

Roughly three-quarters of Trump voters (and 25{d07015fd705efad9473b4efea5456402f9c7fe2fb758f61ee5ca261a0142534a} of independent voters) believe that the election was systematically and criminally flawed–“stolen” as it was described in one of the polls. Cutting through all of it, the allegations take two forms: 1) traditional political-machine vote-rigging in large cities in battleground states, a long history of which we’ve had in this country, and 2) software- and/or hardware- enabled through the voting machines, a relative novelty for America, but experienced elsewhere around the world in this decade. This group comes to this startling conclusion from the sum total of what appears to them to be overwhelming evidence.


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