Note to Democrat Party Operatives: You Should Have Let It Rest

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Biden Administration, Blog Articles, Election 2020, Politics, USA

Many supporters have long advised Donald J. Trump, as 2024 presidential candidate and presumptive Republican Party nominee, to stop talking in his campaign speeches about the “stolen 2020 elections” and instead focus on the country’s current pressing needs: the China challenge, the targeted destruction of the working and middle classes, inflation and the economy, the corruption of the Deep State, mass illegal immigration, etc. “Why dwell on the past?” they say. “It’s over now. Move forward.”

Well, now it’s Trump’s political enemies that have ensured that the topic of fraud in the 2020 presidential elections will remain front and center in the minds of Americans into 2024.

With this most recent indictment in Fulton Country, Georgia, the second dealing with “election interference,” it’s the Democrat leaders, who should have wanted more than anyone to ensure that the 2020 elections be buried and forgotten, who have now guaranteed that the issue will be spotlighted and remain central to the 2024 election season. These corrupt actors have thus insured that their poisoned arrows will return upon their own heads.

These issues will finally be litigated, not only in courts of law but in the court of public opinion. Just as is the case with the deceitful and manufactured narrative of January 6, time and effort has resulted in the surfacing of substantial additional information regarding the 2020 elections that was previously hidden or suppressed. It’s time for all of this to come to light.

These incitements are wrong. They are further evidence of the weaponization of the legal system against conservatives in this country. They never should have happened. But like all weapons used for evil, they can be turned on their heads and used for good.



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