“We the People” Rise Everywhere…Except in America

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Conservative movements are on the rise around the world, and increasingly taking political power in predominantly liberal, Leftist, and socialist leaning countries. While often labeled in the mainstream media as “far right,” “extremist,” “populist,” or “nationalist” (the latter two derided as if voting the will of the people or loving one’s country are bad things), by and large these conservative parties represent the commonsense values of their constituents. For example, in Europe they believe that the fate of their nation should not be determined by bureaucrats in Brussels, in Latin American that inflation is bad and impoverishing them, everywhere that too much immigration is destructive to national culture and heritage, not to mention their economic standing, and, generally, that farmers shouldn’t be required to stop producing, drivers be forced to abandon their cars, or the elderly forced to freeze in their unheated apartments for some unpractical Utopian and globalist ideal that will never work in the first place.

These conservative party political victories are described by journalists, government officials, and commentators using terms such as “alarming,” “dangerous,” “surprising,” “stunning,” “shocking,” as if no one could see this coming from miles away, and as if there wasn’t a perfectly rational explanation for all of it.

Just this Wednesday in the Netherlands, the PPV (Freedom Party) led by Geert Wilders, won 37 seats (representing 25 percent of total) in the Dutch parliament, securing the PPV’s position as the largest party. The PPV’s task now is to form a national government, not a guaranteed outcome given the resistance to the ideas supported by the Dutch middle and working classes. The PPV’s platform is focused on national sovereignty, reducing mass illegal immigration, preserving Dutch culture by preventing Islamification, and protecting Dutch farmers. Wilders has promised a referendum on leaving the EU, cutting funding to Ukraine, and imposing restrictions on Islamic influence in society.

Sunday, Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei won the presidential election on an anti-statist and libertarian campaign that focused on ending the hyperinflation that has decimated the Argentinian economy and the wealth of its people. Milei, a former professional footballer, trained economist, and highly effective political polemicist nicknamed “the Madman,” has vowed to go after Deep State corruption and close the central bank, making the U.S. dollar the official currency of the nation.

Last week across Iberia hundreds of thousands of Spaniards turned out on the streets to protest against the Socialist government’s policies, and in particular its proposal for amnesty for Catalan separatists who facilitated an attempted coup d’état in 2017. Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the leader of the conservative Popular Party (PP), led over 80,000 Madrileños—including the mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida—to demand new elections and a general strike. This came after the PP won the national election in July but failed to secure the majority required to form a national government.

In Germany, the conservative Alternative for Democracy (AfD) is not only prevailing in local elections in its home turf in the former communist East, but winning hearts and minds across the country. Last month, AfD won 18.4 percent of the vote in the state of Hesse (centered around the financial capital of Frankfurt), second only to the Christian Democratic Union, while placing third in Bavaria. At the same time, a poll shows that support for AfD had risen to 23 percent of the popular vote nationwide, while support for the ruling coalition government has fallen to 33 percent. As elsewhere in Europe, AfD’s platform is focused on sovereignty, stemming mass illegal immigration, and rebutting climate change hysteria in a country that has just shuttered its own domestic energy production (nuclear and coal).

In France, rightist parties such as Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) and Eric Zemmour’s Reconquête continue to gain ground. In September of this year, RN took net three seats in the senate. In the 2022 French presidential election, Mme. Le Pen won 41.5 percent of the vote, compared with 34 percent in 2017, The issues in France are generally the same as in Germany and Holland—sovereignty, immigration, identity, Islam, and the economy.

In the U.S. the conservative movement is typically identified with the Republican Party. Yet the rising awareness and concern amongst Americans about the state of their nation has not translated into Republican victories at the polls.

The expected red wave in the midterms of 2022 never materialized. Victories were limited, with the notable exception of Virginia’s gubernatorial race, where Carlyle co-founder Glenn Younkin won the race on a pro-parental rights platform. In 2023 elections, the GOP fared no better. Republicans are currently limited to celebrating small local victories such as in South Carolina, where the noble citizens of Charleston just elected their first Republican mayor since Reconstruction forced one on them after the Civil War.

So why, in the wake of the national disaster which is the Biden administration, are Americans turning more conservative as individuals, but not voting according to their awakening consciouses? The best answer is often the simplest. The Democrats conveniently point to abortion (the Left’s top issue, but not as singular for conservatives) as the reason Republicans have not gained ground. Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy blames the repeated failure on poor leadership in the Republican National Committee. Some observers reason that the elections have been rigged, and until the great evil of election fraud is not only exposed (as it increasingly is in this hour) but eradicated, nothing will change. Others believe that there is no awakening. The hypnotic power of the mainstream media’s Blue Pill narrative remains powerful enough to keep most Americas in a fog of denial and ignorance.

But perhaps the issue lies somewhere else. It is possible that one reason that conservatives have failed to win majority support in the U.S. is that, as much as we’ve gone through as a nation in the past three years, Americans have yet to suffer long enough or hard enough. Compared with the decades of impoverishment the Argentines have experienced, or the slow bleeding out of cultural and political sovereignty that Europeans have gone through, Americans have not yet been made miserable enough to throw the Leftist bums out on the street.

Perhaps things must get worse before they can get better. Marx believed the same.

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