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Many Americans have been waiting and watching with expectation over the past two years for a dramatic, singular, and visible event signifying a putting to rights of the gross injustices going on in our country. They’ve looked for the lies to be uncovered, for corruption to be exposed, for justice to be meted out, and for uprightness and truth to be reestablished in our nation.

For some, this transformation was expected to be seen in an overturning of fraudulent results from the 2020 election, a removal from power of corrupt corporate or government leaders, the exposing and acknowledgment of systemic lies and frauds around the pandemic and force-fed vaccines, and the arrest and imprisonment of individuals convicted of willingly and intentionally facilitating these and other crimes and injustices against the American people.

To date, there has been no such cataclysm. Instead, there has been a persistent accumulation of innumerable and almost daily events on the margin of our lives: sometimes small and nearly imperceptible, sometimes larger and harder to miss. Individually these events might have been overlooked and ignored. Yet in aggregate, when added together, they are substantially weighty and signal a major shift in our civil and political society.

The fact that EVERYTHING IS CHANGING could be missed by someone not paying attention, simply because each individual change has been marginal, apparently insignificant, or unconnected, and unnoticed by the inattentive. But these changes are accumulating and in plain view for those who are watching.

The changes have been incremental yet persistent: an escalating regional war draining more and more American resources just as Vietnam and Afghanistan did in previous generations, creeping inflation emptying consumers’ wallets and savings, mass illegal immigration disrupting our communities, out-of-control crime in our most beloved cities, a looming food and energy crisis, suicidally induced by our leaders and unlike anything we’ve experienced in our lifetimes, the unequal application of justice and a targeting of conservative voices, a drip feed of revelations about the truth behind the pandemic and its planned interventions, about leaders’ financial ties with China and other adversaries of the nation, about the systemic attempt to ideologically corrupt our children and twist their God-given identities, and a growing hostility from government and the security apparatus towards tens of millions of Americans now labeled domestic terrorists and enemies of the state.

For those Americans who have been asleep through the past several years, it’s time to wake up. It’s time to realize that Fake News is real, that it’s pervasive, and that it’s orchestrated. It’s time to realize that the so-called “Deep State” is also real, and extremely dangerous. For even suggesting the possibility of these simple points, one is labeled a Conspiracy Theorist, and at least cancelled, if not also put on a watchlist.

The real conspiracy lies with the conspirators, whether in corrupted institutions or the shadowy world of those who finance them, not with those observers who point the finger at a burning building and yell “FIRE!” in the hope of alerting those around it who seem oblivious to the flames.

For those who know some of these things but haven’t taken action, perhaps assuming that someone else will do it for them, it’s time to get off the couch, shake of the stupor, and get involved personally. This means speaking out, letting your voice be heard and opinions known, whether to teachers and school board officials, local governments, media, corporations, and to the timid leaders of your churches and synagogues who to date have been afraid to speak out.

We no longer live in a time or a place where our freedom can be taken for granted. As Benjamin Franklin implied, the Republic and its virtues must be defended to be retained. Those of you who think you can remain quiet in some “silent” majority are gravely mistaken.

The radical Left likes to quip that “silence is violence.” While that isn’t true, because we all know that only violence equals violence, what is true is that “silence equals compliance.” By staying out of the debate, out of the struggle, you are complying with the very forces that are out to destroy your freedoms to speak, to worship, to raise your children as you in good parental conscience see fit, and to be free from surveillance in your homes and communities.

Most revolutions develop the same way: first slowly, and then suddenly and with a bang.  Cultural reformations are similar. They usually don’t come in a singular moment to be observed, and are not delivered solely by the necessary changing of the political or cultural guards.  Reformations evolve slowly, and rely on the consistent weight and pressure of millions of ordinary people who have said “enough” and all start pulling on the oars in the same direction toward a better shore.

The time for peaceful action is now. Resistance is power. Let your voice be heard.  It’s now or never.


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