Russia Did It! Or maybe not

by | Dec 19, 2020 | Blog Articles

As soon as news broke on Thursday morning of a cyber-attack against the US Treasury and other institutions, it was quickly asserted and widely disseminated by the media that this attack came from Putin’s Russia. This claim has been repeated ad nauseam without either supporting evidence or confirmation from the administration. On Friday night Secretary of State Pompeo was quoted that it was “pretty clearly” Russia.  I’m not so sure.  This answer seems too convenient, too quick, and too much grasping at straws to have someone to blame.  It feels like a derivative echo chamber of Russian election interference and the now debunked Russian Collusion narrative.  As I wrote in Stormwall, America has many dangerous enemies, and Russia actually doesn’t even top the list at the moment.  Of those with motive, means, and access, Russia is among them, but it seems to me that China or Iran are more plausible and dangerous belligerents here, even if they’re using others as proxies. This may explain the relative silence of the Trump administration to say anything publicly while the intelligence community sorts it out.  I’m watching the movie along with the rest of us, and I don’t pretend to know how it ends, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see a shocking plot twist revealed shortly.  President Trump just hinted at this possibility.  In the meantime, let’s have some healthy skepticism of the “Russia did it!” narrative. 

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