Stormwall Book




America stands at a critical turning point in its history, where the gathering storm clouds of four distinct crises have formed and are converging to threaten the nation. A looming economic crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, escalating conflicts in America’s great power rivalry with China, Iran and Russia, and rising social unrest within its own borders have combined into a potentially severe stormwall of risk for the United States. America’s adversaries are taking advantage of this state of crisis by further dividing society and diverting the attention of the nation’s elected leaders. These forces have aligned dangerously around one particular event: the most contentious and divisive presidential election in modern history. Stormwall: Observations on America in Peril raises awareness of these four challenges and how they interact, forewarns of the potential threats that each pose, and suggests opportunities to overcome them as a nation. Turning points in history are rarely recognizable as they happen. America is in such a moment. History takes a long time to arrive suddenly. When it does, it comes as a storm cloud of unforeseen and unrecognizable dimensions. Take care and take cover.