Inflation Will Destroy the Middle Class

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Blog Articles, Inflation

The prospect of inflation in the United States has moved quickly from a fringe idea to become the consensus among the financial literati. With a proposed $1.9 trillion stimulus package following unspent previous rounds, the Federal Reserve is forcing excess liquidity into markets where it has no place to go other than fueling financial asset bubbles.

As I wrote recently, there are multiple warning signs in financial, energy, food, and other commodity markets that the inexorable process has begun. Inflation is now running much hotter than anyone would have expected. As pent-up demand is unleashed with the reopening of our economies, inflationary pressures will only accelerate. The debate is now focused on when and how severely, rather than if, inflation will emerge, and whether it will be transitory or long-lasting.

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