About Stormwall


Stormwall was founded in 2022 by Michael Wilkerson to provide a forum for a patriotic movement leading to an American Renaissance. Our mission is to inform, to educate, and to illuminate issues that have been shrouded by a media and political culture characterized by censorship, misinformation, and official deception. 

We believe:

America is a democracy, and its people are sovereign.

The nation must be governed of the people, by the people and for the people. Anything else is a tyranny that must be resisted.

America’s founding ideals and institutions are worth preserving.

These include the unalienable, God-given rights as expressed in the US Declaration of Independence: equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Institutions such as our democracy, faith and family, and the uniquely American institution of a vibrant and egalitarian middle class, are under attack. The hard-earned rights our ancestors fought for, including freedom of speech, freedom of worship, lawful assembly, economic freedom and mobility, privacy and sanctuary, are each at risk of being lost.

Patriotic love of country is a virtue, not a vice.

Americans are right to love and be proud of their nation, the only place on earth they have to call home. Patriots strive to make America better by confronting its flaws and contradictions, even in the face of opposition and persecution. Frederick Douglass, the escaped slave turned prophetic voice of nineteenth century American conscience, defined patriotism this way: “He is the lover of his country who rebukes and does not excuse its sins.”

America is under attack.

America faces enemies, both foreign and domestic, which seek to undermine America’s economy, society, and foundational values. This unpleasant reality informs our analysis and recommendations. Hidden from view for years, the actors and their methods of attack are being uncovered in a process of discovery. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

America’s national culture is based on competence and merit.

We support equality of opportunity, not of outcomes. America competes with nations and must reward excellence to avoid falling behind.

Inflation and fiscal mismanagement represent a clear and present danger.

Government’s pro-inflationary actions, including massive money supply expansion, deficit spending, growing debt, misallocation of resources, regulatory overreach, politically-driven economic policies, particularly a debilitating national energy policy, are all working to undermine America’s strategic interests.

The separation of powers is an American strength.

Congress, the legislative branch appointed by the people, needs to make laws. Neither the judiciary nor the executive branch, operating through executive orders and regulatory overreach, has this power. The states and the people need to reassert their authority and constitutional rights under the tenth Amendment and take back control over essential matters from the federal government bureaucracy.

China is America’s most pressing foreign policy challenge.

We are not opposed to the success and prosperity of the Chinese people or nation. Rather we stand against the Chinese Communist Party’s oppressive regime and its attempts to destabilize American interests at home and abroad.

America is a Nation, not an Empire.

We must protect and defend our nation, our land, and its people. America First isn’t political polemic … it’s basic common sense. Leaders of any nation must prioritize their own nation and their citizens ahead of others or vague concepts of the “whole world.” American imperialism, including endless wars, the folly of “regime change,” and “nations building,” has led to the squandering abroad of tens of thousands of American lives and trillions of borrowed dollars, while our own citizens suffer, our infrastructure deteriorates, and our national debt threatens to bankrupt us all.

With no border, there is no Nation.

Immigration must be legal and aligned to the national interest. Controlled, legal immigration can be a national strength, mass illegal immigration is a form of national suicide. America cannot defend others’ borders if we cannot secure our own.

The real conflict in America is not between political parties or traditional labels of Left-Right, but between “We the People” and enemies of freedom who support totalitarianism and surveillance.

The dividing line is between those who support the coercive power of the State, enabled by an elite technocracy representing a modern aristocracy, and those who believe in the principles of democracy, the individual’s right to freedom and privacy, and the sovereignty of the people. In this sense, “old-school” liberals have more in common with today’s populist conservatives than they do with the globalists or the radical agenda of the progressive Left.

Resistance is Power.

Americans have a constitutional right to peacefully resist tyranny and oppression by their own government. The right of protest, of petition of grievances, and of righteous civil disobedience are enshrined in the US Constitution, in law and in precedent. These are powerful tools when used justly and without violence. Non-violent resistance to oppression, corruption and lies is essential for national transformation. Truth-telling is both powerful and contagious.

In support of these beliefs, we stand against


  • The surveillance state and its corporate equivalents
  • The illegal usurpation of power by the government bureaucracy including the national security apparatus, both of which act without legitimate authority of law
  • The weaponization of the agencies of the executive branch against dissenting voices which peacefully protest and resist illegal actions of the regime
  • Censorship, cancel culture, and fake news facilitated by collusion between Big Tech, legacy media and political special interests
  • The doctrines of racial discrimination embedded in critical race Theory and identity politics
  • Tyrannical government policies driven by politics and power rather than by science, reason, and the national interest
  • Imperialism and the endless wars that serve politicians and the military-industrial complex at a cost to everyone and everything else
  • Bad fiscal management, legislative gridlock and political theatre intended to fuel divisiveness, discord, and hate

About the Founder


Michael Wilkerson is the author of Why America Matters: The Case for a New Exceptionalism (2022) and Stormwall: Observations on America in Peril (2020). He is a contributing author to leading publications and media outlets including  The American ConservativeThe American Spectator, American ThinkerBarron’sCEOWorldThe HillJackson Hole Economics, MarketwatchNewsday and NPR, providing commentary and analysis on economics, finance, history, and politics.

Michael has three decades of experience as an investor, financial advisor, and business executive. Michael served as Executive Vice Chairman of Helios Fairfax Partners, the world’s largest Africa-focused private investment firm, and as Chief Executive Officer of its predecessor, Fairfax Africa. Previously, Michael served as Global Co-Head of the Consumer, Food & Retail Group and as a Managing Director in the Financial Institutions Group at Lazard, the world’s preeminent Mergers & Acquisitions advisory firm.

Michael is Chairman of charity: water, one of the world’s largest and most well-recognized organizations focused on solving the world water crisis.

Michael holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a MA in International Relations from Yale University, and a BS summa cum laude from Oral Roberts University.

Michael lives in Palm Beach, Florida.





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